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3D Drawing

Introducing 3d drawing a quantum leap in drawing technology The sleek pen switches between red and blue ink in perfect synchronization with the stylish shutter glasses. Controlled by the compact easy to carry controller unit. Refuse to stay in 2d land, stun art critics with state of the art 3d drawing.

Essential gadgets

Without these gadgets to straighten out you life you're doomed. Do you hear me? DOOMED, you better order them directly...

New progress in optics

For the color blindFor a windy day Backup system For those about to Baroque For the one curious how their neck looks Orange glasses For looking at skyscrapers Duo glasses, for young lovers Rocket glasses For people scared of large things I'm featured in Lines and colors, a blog I've been following for the last couple of years. I feel very honored to be featured here

Why walk?

Just some minor inventions for helping you avoid walking Uni motor cycle Jet propelled boot Race skateboard

Putting the fear back in eating

Practically nothing has happened to western cutlery since the renaissances, when the fork was introduced. If you want to experience the thrill of eating again why not give our new series a go? Grand Harvest (fork) the Plow (knife) fear of drowning (spoon) Guaranteed to frighten the most hardened.

The future is portable

Portable scrib-o-mat, for the budding Dickens Portable Tel-o-phone Port-A-sound